Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.
— Paul Strand

Welcome to my page,

I am a published photographer, artist, bibliophile, wife and traveler.

Whether we are capturing the beautiful everyday moments - to portraits, events, milestones in life, or creating a one of a kind image to bring your book to life, let's chat!



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The Motif Collective; Black & White theme; (Web) September 2017

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Help I’m Going Out With a Jerk Again! by Author Riley Baker (Cover) 2019

If Love Was Fair by Author Savannah Stewart (Cover) 2017

The Mystery Tomb: The Mystery Book Collection by Author Eva Pohler (Cover) 2017                                                  

This Thing Called Life by Author Cortney Pearson (Cover) 2017                                                                                           

Coming Full Circle (The Pembrooke Series Book 2) by Author Jessica Prince (Cover) 2016                                                     

One More Chapter by Author K.S. Thomas (Cover) 2016                                                                                                        

Unplugged by Author Sara Hubbard (Cover) 2016                                                                                                            

Of Beauty and Darkness by Author Peggy Martinez (Cover) 2015